Take some time away from the urban hustle in the sensual enclave of the Cozy room. Capture the romance of the English countryside as you rest upon those high hanging evenings and slow, comfortable mornings in this den of indulgence.

Desirable, textured and inspired by the English summer, with crystal light fittings, classic engraved dressing and bedside tables, and curtains all characterised by floral tones. Every detail catches the breath of the countryside meadow. While away you evenings and float on the edge of a dream at night.

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  • Faux suede padded wall residing behind the bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Rustic hand crafted padded wardrobe for storage of your garments
  • Nickel laughing monkey table
  • Superking sized Hypnos bed
  • Basalt stone sink and complete natural stone look to the bathroom
Bed, pillows and headboard
Bedroom through bathoom door
Bed throw
Bathroom from bedroom door
Side table detail